Improved community services through digitisation.

State Government Digitisation

State Government

Preservation & Accessibility

We appreciate the importance around the preservation of, and accessibility to, state records.

Trained in the correct handling techniques from the State Archives and State Library of Queensland, you’re in good hands with Avantix. We are experienced, capable and confident in correct methods for digitising a wide range of original media as we draw on our expertise to deliver a service that is careful and reliable.

With experience in digitising of:

  • State Libraries & Museums
  • Historical Media
  • Family History
  • War Memorial Records
  • Environmental

With a central focus on innovation and value for money, Avantix helps stimulate and accelerate the growth of the digital economy in alignment with the DSITI Digital Economy action plan.

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Operational & Compliance

Assisting Government in transitioning from a paper based organisation to a paperless organisation. Avantix works with State Governments in Australia to enhance the preservation of state records while allowing more effective management in the areas of:

  • Digitising of any document type and source media
  • Paper footprint reduction initiatives
  • Digital Continuity
  • Retention and Disposal
  • Information Management
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Interoperability Platform

Our solutions are designed to complement and support the ‘Sustainable Roadmap to Digitisation’ program that we’ve been working on with Government for the last 10 years.

We focus on delivering innovation and value for money to support the State Government with open access and greater collaboration with the public.

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Working with

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