Thousands of Documents. Countless Recipients. One Solution.

Inbound Mail Processing

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  • Inbound mail processing services benefit your customers as well as your business.
  • Self-learning document classification and document sorting technology continually improves results.
  • Reduces your labour costs and error rates by using document recognition and routing technology to deliver better results.
  • Reviews and classifies incoming forms, contracts, and other documents and routes them to the appropriate destination – the right person’s/department’s inbox or your ERP system.
  • Processing payments is secure as Avantix Electronic Mailroom employs the same payment processing equipment utilised by credit card companies.

Inbound Mail Processing – Key Features and Benefits

  • Improves service quality with faster response times
  • Boosts productivity with more efficient business processes
  • Reduces time and costs spent on manually sorting and distributing mail
  • Easily adaptable to new or changing document types
  • Accommodates numerous information channels and existing applications
  • Ability to channel from multiple sites directly into one centralised classifying and indexing engine

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