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Intelligent Document Processing

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Businesses invest in or outsource document scanning (we can help you do either).

Additionally, our next generation platforms integrate with over 50 industry ERP, ECM and DMS systems (like SAP, Ventyx Ellipse, HP TRIM, FileNet, Objective et al). So for whatever systems you have, we can help improve the data and information flow.

The challenge is to access the information locked away in the scanned image, validate it and get into the system(s) to best use that data.

There can be significant human effort/risk involved in manually entering the data from the paper original or scanned image to electronic databases:

  • prone to error,
  • losses in productivity,
  • confidentiality and
  • a significant time lag from the point of capture to being available as actionable knowledge.

This greatly restricts the ability to bring disparate sources of information together in a timely manner and convert the captured business information into something meaningful.

Avantix Intelligent Document Processing solutions go beyond mere capture and archival, into the realm of intelligent analysis, helping businesses automate their end-to-end document lifecycle, optimise processes and intelligently validate against their source database information and business rules. This allows routing of crucial information to the right person, at the right time, in the right format.

With the capacity to process both, structured and unstructured documents covering:

  • handwritten,
  • typewritten,
  • bar-coded and
  • check-marked information,

The Avantix suite of Intelligent Document Processing solutions leverages next-generation technologies after the traditional image capture and optical character recognition process, to intuitively identify, digitize, validate, archive, evaluate, mass customize and present documents in any type or format. Customers benefit from significant productivity gains, high accuracy, accelerated cost savings and real-time visibility across all stages of the tagged document’s lifecycle.

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